Monday, 20 October 2014

We didn't have to say "What The F"

Let's admit it, we get too demanding at times. We want great food, fancy ambiance, want to be treated like royalty and all this we want without a dent in the wallet. I was in one such fussy, unreasonable mood and kept shaking my head at every option thrown at me by my cousin. Honestly I wasn't hungry but wanted go out and get some Saturday night breeze into my lungs. I could see her getting uneasy by the minute and she subtly hinted she's hungry. That was my panick alarm because there is nothing scarier than my hungry cousin who transforms into a dinosaur in labour pain when hungry. Remember animagus from Harry Potter?

I had no guts to throw tantrums further and we settled for what we saw on Zomato, some new place on the St. Marks road named What the F.  My best guess on the way was Fun or Food for the F and of course bingo! I didn't forget to remind myself of my impressive IQ as no one else does it. Problems of being constantly looked down upon on this front. Sigh. 

We could see young crowd outside What The F as soon as we stepped out of Uber. Not that we are too old by the way but sometimes it gets to my nerves when I hear every sentence beginning and ending with a 'dude'. By passing a bunch of noisy teens, we entered What The F which was on the third (I assume as I was panting by then) floor. We were immediately welcomed by the servers and showed our reserved seats which were pretty high and they kept coming to check if we are comfortable.

I noticed how the servers were pretty friendly and warm and attended to us promptly. Music was a bit too loud and I made a note to self to take the blabber mouth friends there since it's literally not possible to have a good conversation there and the occasional anti social in me gave it an instant plus ;) What The F has the same stuff. Wooden decor. It must be the in thing now, as I see a lot of wooden, rustic ones these days.  I like the ambiance but I get a feeling it's going to look much more nicer on a Sunday morning. Got to try once. Two floors and we settled on the lower one, since the upper deck was occupied by the 'dude' kids. Now that I say deck, I see it's kind of like a ship.

They passed us the wooden menu but I had already taken screen grabs of the nice pics from zomato and told the server I want this and that on the pic. He seemed pleased I have done my homework and come. I couldn't help but notice they were all very reasonably priced. We got the ambiance and service bang on without the dent in wallet. And if the food turns out good, I'm going to have that victorious grin to defy the universal law of 'itna paisa mein itna hi ich milega' that gets thrown at me every time I'm broke and fussy.

I wasn't hungry and ordered the Magic Macaroni for myself. Mac and cheese itself is magic for me and I was curious what magic they had in the magic macaroni. She ordered Mini Umbrellas and a pizza for herself. Pizza was okay, nothing to brag about. Mini umbrellas were so good that I sent them straight to tummy despite not being too fond of mushrooms (that's a story that I'll tell you sometime in the future). 

Kiwi Crush - my companion for the night

Mini Umbrellas - stuffed mushrooms. Loved the spices and flavour.
Definitely, the tandoori chicken equivalent of veg. 

Magic Macaroni - the Italian adopted by Thailand and now welcomed by an Indian family and desi values given.
I loved the perfect blend of Thai and Indian flavours. 

Smoking Pine Pizza - grilled pineapple, corn and jalapenos in smoked scarmoza.
so so. not too impressed.  

What I must tell you is about the Magic Macaroni.  It was a blend of Indian and Thai spices. And I like both. One spoon of this mac and I was like "aila, this is ramu kaka's macaroni". That's one thing I love about Indians. Welcome home the firangi khaana and adopt and covert to a desi babu. Chef did a fab job there. I liked the tinge of our spices and flavours. There was something that stood out - I wonder if it was olive oil or coconut milk. I couldn't figure (note to self : go to kitchen more often). My cousin wasn't too pleased and I acted like it's acquired taste. Told the friendly server how awesome their magic mac is and I went on and on until the Chef himself landed by our table to hear from the horse's mouth. He was mighty pleased and got us both treats :) 

Blueberry Cheesecake. My cousin and I wanted one more of these
but neither of us wanted the guilt of suggesting it. Finally, we settled for the diminishing marginal utility
and gave the second dessert a skip.
With Chef Sombir, the magic macaroni man. 
Sweet gesture - treats from the Chef after our relentless testimony of magic macaroni and how it saved our lives.

Our bill came to 1200 and we had a great time. 
Ambiance - check, Service - check, Easy on pockets - check. Food - pleased (minus one for the Pizza)
Definitely going back to see what the place looks like in daylight. They have a Sunday brunch running that's called the Brunch factory.  

Cost for two : 1200

Location : St. Marks road, next to Karnataka Bank and St. Marks Hotel
Mood of the place : Hep..and err.. Ship


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