Saturday, 11 October 2014

Marriott turns One.

Ok, we all have been warned by our Grandmas to do good deeds, eat whatever is made at home without cribbing, not to waste food, share our chocolates with siblings to secure a good seat in Heaven. And after all this whale of an effort from an innocent childhood, with such sense of betrayal I learn about the sin of gluttony which washes down all my goody two shoes life down the drain. Really? After all the reluctant sharing of my caramilk and toys, after all the bittergourd sabjis I religiously ate, you are telling me that I am a sinner and you are sending me to Hell?

Now that I have come to terms with my future life in Hell, where I hope and pray to see a live barbecue running, I did a bit of research to go prepared. After all I shouldn't flunk the test there and end up in quarantine. Here's a list for my fellow sinners.

  • Praepropere – eating too soon
  • Laute – eating too expensively
  • Nimis – eating too much
  • Ardenter – eating too eagerly
  • Studiose – eating too daintily
  • Forente – eating wildly

And when I got a call from Sneha to invite me to the first anniversary celebrations of the renowned brand in the Food industry, Marriott, I jumped with joy and said yes. In any case I'm going to Hell and I might as well commit the sin with some class and style. Marriott needs no introduction. Fairfield Marriott, the first Fairfield in Asia, turns one this October and they threw a rooftop poolside party to celebrate. Thanks to Bangalore weather acting like a lady with mood swings, the party was moved to their new art studio in the eleventh hour. But I did have a glimpse of the pool side
and it looked wow. I can totally imagine a barbecue party running by the pool side and it cannot get better.

I'm so high on food, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Marriott ties up with Areli Gallery to raise funds for the less fortunate blind children to sponsor their treatment. 

The latest addition of a rooftop Pool. Looks so much spell binding than this low light iphone pic!

Live Pasta counter - my white sauce pasta in the making. Sinfully rich. I can't thank cheese enough for adding colors to this world. 

I might be a proud Indian, but my tummy is a cosmopolitan. "Lokame tharavadu". Good old friend from Italy, in all its glory.

Salad counter, I usually skip the salad counter and try a namesake one, but this one had me!

Hello healthy life. Pleased to meet you after eons.

Je t'aime, Cheese. To bits and pieces. 

Spinach canneloni, this is one of those delicacies that makes your sinner life so worth it. 

Roasted potato wedges. Garlic and rosemary to compliment it. No meal is complete without potatoes. I don't really approve of the kingdom of Paneer in a vegan's world. I think Potato is the bacon of vegans and it should get the respect it deserves. 

Cajun spiced grilled chicken with roasted onions and artichoke.

Karare Paneer, one showstopper in Marriott. Sorry for the blurred pic. Be sure to try this when you head to Marriott.

Chicken satays, fish, prawns - you name it, they make it fresh. 

Neti neti. Scholars, when asked to describe the glory of the God, would say neti neti which means no language or no words in any language can do justice to the highness of God. I hope you get the point. 

Ok, I have got laughed at countless times when I ask for a virgin drink. Really? Like really? You mean, you do not need alcohol? But you are from Kerala, Just a little bit? Why don't you just try once? And hence, I like anyone who fixes me a virgin drink no questions asked. Plus one to this guy! Raspberry mint cooler, by the way. 

Those who know me, know very well that Biriyani is the second oxygen in my life. I can't think of anything that disappoints me as much as a mediocre biriyani. Ok, maybe a tiltled cupcake in the takeaway box, with the frosting stuck on the cover. Marriott brought that biriyani smile to my face in my first visit itself. Mutton biriyani, because they say there is no biriyani like mutton biriyani. Second smile today. 

Rogan josh. Not that biriyani needs a company. No harm to have some friends on the way to tummy. 

Paneer curry. 

Kava daal - much talked about daal in Kava. I usually skip daal but zomato brags about this daal and with a spoon of this, I knew why. 

The problem with this generation is that no matter who they are with, their focus is mostly on the phone. We often forget to spend "quality time" with people despite sitting next to them, thanks to this smart phone who gets all the attention. And after a bit of walking around with my phone clicking away pics of everything my cam could lay its eyes on, my tummy started complaining. And I had to give in, and spent some quality time gorging on the inviting spread on display.

Let's not debate, Science has proven that consumption of desserts lead to temporary hyper activity. That could explain my newly found confidence that I can fly. Really, who needs Uber when I can float and fly home. Who's the villian...scroll down..

Dessert porn. Maybe I should frame this pic in my room :D do you see that tiny bakes cheesecake tucked in between the mango mousse and baked yoghurt? Him! He is a darling! 

Caramel pudding and banoffee pie - need I say more?

I'm a tea person and the only way coffee gets into my system is Tiramisu. 

Baked yoghurt - sweet and simple. 

Skipped skipped skipped.

Chocolate tart - an absolute treat for the dark chocolate lover.

Opera Cake

With Head Chef Mahesh, coincidentally with the dish that he is a master at. :) 

Happy birthday again, Marriott! Hope you soar high because good food deserves nothing less. :) 

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