Saturday, 20 September 2014

Church Street Social

Quirky, kooky and twisted. No, no, I'm not talking about myself. This is about the most trending hangout place now in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. And in Bangalore, you can find them right there in Church street. Once upon a time, Church street used to be the reigning Queen for foodies and now they are striving to get their lost Kingdom back with Social attracting more young and fun crowd.

This place is brimming with people. Getting a seat here would be as difficult as getting into Oxford with average math skills like mine (I have Siri to do my math). But I somehow used my charm on the girl at the counter "Honey, I'm super hungry and you send me back everyday".And with that sympathy note, we managed to get a seat in less than ten minutes.

Now that we have got in, let's keep the accessories away!

The ambiance reminded me of one of those country side pubs you barge into. Old and rustic feel. Wooden tables, brick wall, yellow bulbs, iron furniture. And I liked the way they have used hash tags and Hindi script everywhere.  Loved it. Had a quick look around the place and settled down into our hours long non-sensical conversation. The menu was rolled up and kept on the table with cutlery. And tissues paper that looked like toilet rolls! Menu resembled a newspaper and we had vast choices to pick from. I skipped the breakfast section. Still don't get why I should step out of the comfort of home to have granola/oats or fruits!

The Newspaper Menu. So many pages, so many options.

Food - love it love it love it love it. More than the food, I liked the way they were presented. That's
where the quirkiness comes in. My Strawberry Iced tea arrived in what looked like a bath tub. So much sophistication for an iced tea and I kept wondering how to drink it to do justice to the majestic look. Gunpowder Calamari came in a brown paper bag. If you have that curious habit of peeping to the next table, you'd see her having food in what looks like a prison plate. The portions are not so much but perfect for two people.

Scroll down to see what I loved.

Shawarma, Yo Mama. The DIY Shawarma that made me feel like a mini Chef. I got a sense of pride making these shawarmas. Roasted chicken, hommus, garlic mayo, frech fries with pita bread. 

Them Potato Skins, my trusted companion everywhere. Sour cream and grilled cheddar makes you realise how beautiful life is.

Poutine Fries - Classic Cheese. Definitely the cheese overload my tummy loves. I could almost hear my tummy scream to my mouth 'send more, send more'.

Gunpowder Calamari that came in the brown paper bag. Portion is less. I was generous enough to let my friend eat, while I was busy relishing Poutine, This came with garlic chutney and podi.

Death Wings. I was told that free lemonde will be given to those who finish this spicy dish. That wasn't required. Though we had very good spice tolerance, we gave it a pass as the taste wasn't too great.

Crispy Sesame Honey Chilly Fries. Need an explanation?

Service was good. Servers were prompt, amiable and ofcourse I'll give bonus points for the sympathy score I got.

I'm told the drinks are amazing. And easy on pocket. Especially the LIIT. Perhaps the longest around. Since I'm a teetotaler (yes. SHUT UP. Thank you), I stick to mocktails and they are different and amazing. Welcome change from the usual pina coldas and mojitos. Not many options unfortunately.

My Strawberry Iced Tea relaxing in a tub. Loved it. Not too sweet. Just about right.

Spiced Guava. I liked the bitter punch of guava and the occasional spice attack on your taste buds. You would keep wondering if it's bitter, sweet or spicy. Not that it matters. 

Khus and Chilli. Khus, green chillies, sprite and soda. Honestly, I don't know if I like it or not. It was his drink. You could actually see him impatiently waiting for me to finish clicking. worth a try.

Thanks for the caption. I would have mistaken it to be Hydrogen peroxide otherwise.
We stuck to finger food pretty much. They do have biriyanis, rice bowls and the likes on the menu. And a few good dessert options too. I'm going to try Sticky Toffee Pudding next time.

Ramesh & Suresh - deep fried Five star chocolate with icecream. Sort of a mini disaster. Bad choice. 

Here's my rating :

Food 4/5
Ambiance 4/5
Menu 4/5
Service 4/5 (+1 for sympathy vote)

Address : Churchstreet, right at the corner :D
Cost for two : 800 for two (teetotaler), 1400 for two otherwise.
Mood of the place : Quirky

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