Monday, 1 September 2014

Dyu Art Cafe - Poor man's trip to Kerala

When all you need is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to spend some dust free quality time with Mother nature, Kerala may come to your mind.  Don't worry, don't make a hole in your pocket with a trip to Kerala. Instead, come to Dyu Art Cafe. This is a quaint little cafe in Koramangla - an ideal place to unwind. I like to call it my "mini kerala".

This place instantly gave me a feel of an old naalukettu tharavaadu (ancient house with a central courtyard) in Kerala and if you are a nostalgic Malayali, you can almost picturise a grandma sitting their telling tales to grand kids. It's a breath of fresh air, plush greenery and artistic excellence packed in a small cafe. Some tables are like sewing machines. Of course, there is a naalu kettu and tables around the place where you can sit back and relax. An added advantage is if it rains. The wind before the rains sweeping the leaves down, the first drops of rain and the water pouring in the courtyard - trust me, you could end up a poet here!

They have a few books to read, none that impressive. Paintings are hung on the wall. With two colleges close by, rest assured the crowd is going to be good. The menu is limited and food is nothing to brag about. But you can make do with the limited menu to enjoy the ambiance. I went to this place twice and this is soon going to be my proxy Kerala trip! 

I wasn't too impressed with the Coffee, Pressed Coffee or the Iced teas. These days I stick to Lime juice. They serve Sandwiches, Omelettes and Cakes - that's pretty much it. Sometimes the day's specials to go with it. I like the Pineapple Cheese Sandwich. The sweetness of Pineapple goes very well with the Cheddar and it's indeed a treat to the taste buds. The omelettes are pretty decent and has good quantity of fillings. But the star of the menu is their signature Chocolate Cake that will easily overpower any will power that you have left to diet. And for those who love the coconut flavour, you MUST order the Tender coconut pudding. It is, no doubt, a slice of heaven. You can actually bite on to the small tender coconut cuts as you relish the pudding. 

Omelettes with generous filling, served with toasted bread and butter

Pineapple cheese sandwich

The service is ok, place is not so pricey. That is if you don't get scandalised seeing a Chicken Omlette for 180rs, considering one egg comes for four rupees! There's always good crowd. They do not accept cards, be sure to carry cash.  If food is all you have in mind, I wouldn't recommend this place. But if you are in for a quick getaway, this is the place to be! Don't forget to thank me after you have had the Tender coconut pudding.

My rating for the place :

Food 3.5/5

Menu 3/5
Ambiance 4.5/5
Price 4/5

Address : 23, MIG-KHB Colony, Near Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, Koramangla.

Cost for two : 600 for two people, 1200 for two gluttons!

Open between 10am to 9pm. Best to go in day light to enjoy the full beauty of the place. 

Mood of the place - relaxed.

Satan's recipe to break your diet.

Tender coconut pudding - thank me later!

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