Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunday brunch in Marriott

Sunday is the day to slow down and take time out to make up for the hectic week. And what better way to treat yourself than some gastronomic indulgence! Off we headed to Kava,Fairfield by Marriott upon their invitation. There's nothing ecstasic for a foodie than to get pampered by a Chef!

We had trouble finding the place. This is in the same building as Total mall and not so far away from Orion mall, Rajaji nagar. Thanks to the locational advantage, or disadvantage, you get pretty competitive rates here. And that's a bonus from a brand like Marriott. 

Kava, with it's green decor and spacious well lit pleasant ambiance, instantly made us at peace and we saw a reasonably good crowd on a Sunday afternoon. That's often a sign of good food as nobody takes chances on Sunday. The first thing that caught my eye, apart from the green decor, was a middle aged man playing guitar and singing 'staying alive'. There's something about old men playing. It gives a 70s vintage feel. 

The Sunday buffet had a nice spread, with Indian cuisine dominating the scene. I had a chance to talk to the Head Chef Mahesh, who firmly believes the major focus should be on the taste of the food. That was apparent in the buffet spread which had mostly simple food that made an appeal to the taste buds. The lingering taste leaves you craving for more. He also mentioned how they like to prepare the snacks for the day based on the weather. If you end up there on a rainy evening, be sure to find hot pakodas!

Coming to the food, we started with the salads. They had around six type of salads, the one that stood out was Broccoli in garlic mayo. The tinge of garlic in the mayo literally teases your taste buds. They had separate counters for veg and non veg starters, ranging from Stuffed Capsicum to Chicken Kababs. The show stopper of the buffet was a paneer starter named Karare Paneer which was a sandwiched paneer with cheese in between. It had a crunchy, crispy outer layer. It was an instant hit with us and were as good as the succulent kabab pieces we gorged on. 

Finger licking starters. Succulent pieces of kabab here.
One noticeable thing about Kava is that it's veg friendly. This definitely is not one of those places that keep veg dishes to shut the mouth of the Vegans who come along with the hardcore non-vegetarian foodies. They have given due respect to vegetarians and a bite of Karare Paneer will prove me right! They had separate counters for veg and non veg starters. 

Coming to the main course, if there's biriyani on the menu, everything else disappears from the peripheral of my eyes. And messing up with a chicken biriyani is a sin that's never forgiven. Mahesh and his team has lived upto the expectation of a biriyani lover and has earned her blessings with this biriyani. It was a good blend of spices and flavours and went very well with the malabar chicken curry and maans curry. They have also done full justice to the veg biriyani. 

the sinful Kava daal and Butter chicken. Come and experience a taste of jannat.

The staff was amiable, they fixed me a drink - a cranberry and orange cooler which I liked so much. They were very prompt in clearing the plates and cutlery. There was a chaat and appam counter and the Malayali in me was pleased with the appam and stew. +1 there! 

And we tried the sinful butter chicken, their speciality dal makhni with stuffed kulcha that sent my BMI shooting so high but it was well worth the cheating. His creamy pasta was something you could go on eating until your stomach screams STOP! 

And the last but not the least, we tried the desserts. I tried a bit of everything but it did not bowl me over. The baked yoghurt is something that's worth taking a second serving. They could do a lot better in the dessert section. I'm sure people would prefer a larger dose of sugar rush after a sinful meal. Minus one there.

The magician taking the stroll passed by our table and did soem tricks to keep us entertained. I'm not a fan of magic but this wizard looking man with the bunny tie had me interested. He thrust four Burmese coins in my hand. I kept it closed and by the time I opened, one coin had disappeared. I'm clueless how. 

Overall, a great experience and would definitely recommend the place. 

Must try:
Karare paneer, Dal makhni, Chicken biriyani, Veg biriyani, Butter chicken and Baked yoghurt. 

Who moved my Cheese?

Chef's special pasta. 
with Chef Mahesh

My ratings for the place : 

Food 4/5
Service 4.5/5 
Menu 3.5/5 
Price 4.5/5
Ambiance 4/5

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