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Cometh October, Cometh The Black Pearl, The Fisherman's Wharf and Mamagoto

"Salary is credited"

Our one straight ticket to cloud nine. And from cloud nine I went over to Black Pearl, The Fisherman's Wharf and Mamagoto - three places I had been wanting to get off my glutton bucket list.

1. Black Pearl, Koramangala

Corporate comes with its share of bad days. After a particularly bone breaking, issues packed day at work I decided to treat myself to some good food to make up for the horribly demanding day. And within two hours of my log off time, I saw myself nicely relaxing in a cosy seat in Black Pearl. After all, days like this deserve nothing less than barbecue :)
My elixir for the night. I liked the prawns the most. And they seem
all the more exotic when served by pirates in a storm! 

Black pearl is set up in Pirates theme and they have done a mighty good job at it. It definitely does feel like dining in a ship and the lovely Bangalore weather (read heavy rain) made it feel like a ship in storm. Made my day, or what was left of it. The beautiful chandeliers, servers dressed up as pirates and the musician with the cow boy hat added up to the total pirates ship feel. Service stood out. They were very friendly, took us through the whole barbecue concept, promptly refilled our barbecue table and quickly got us extra servings of all that we asked for.

Blackpearl is a treat to both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Barbecue had chicken, fish, prawns, mutton, tangri kabab, mushrooms, paneer, potato, crispy corn, veg tikki etc. Every single one of them tasted so good that my day was redeemed. When it comes to barbecue, my funda is starters and desserts only, hence can't comment on the main course. I just tasted a little bit of biriyani just so my loyal relationship with biriyani doesn't strain. Dessert spread wasn't too impressive but I was too stuffed to crib. A must try place because it was a wholesome experience of good food, service and ambiance. Be sure to click pics with the pirates, and reservation is recommended.

Grilled Pineapple. An absolute bliss when you have one bite of this, and then prawns and shuttle back to this :D

Desserts were limited. But as I said, I was too stuffed to crib. Gajar ka halwa in rabdi, Mousse, Black forest cake, Lollipops, Chocolate coated cookie. 

Rab ne bana di rabdi... This is the desi way to get fat. Gajar ka halwa immersed in rabdi. 

Priced at 699+ tax for dinner.
Location : JNC Road, Koramangala
Mood of the place : Pirates

2. The Fisherman's wharf

Where in Lavelle road would you get a seafood buffet for Rs.349 per person? I kept rechecking Zomato to see if I read it wrong. No. It is 349. And the pics on zomato looked great. Now, that is a throwaway price and I am morally bound to go now. God himself would question my audacity to say no to a seafood buffet priced like this. And we ended up there on a Saturday noon.
Fish to your left and Crispy chicken to your right,
And together they shall march to your tummy. 

The ambiance was pleasant and we were way too early and perhaps the first ones to reach for the buffet. The spread was small and simple but looked very inviting. What fascinated me was the open glass kitchen. You can see the chefs running around in the kitchen and I couldn't stop giving occassional glances that side. The servers were proactive and after a point I wished they stopped asking me how the food is and if I am comfortable. They were dressed in beachwear shirts which kind of looked good in a seafood restaurant. The Chef walked by and asked if everything is ok. I made sure to check if they have decent veg items on the menu and it was not one bit disappointing. There was a kati roll counter next to the salad counter. I tried the veg kaati roll and the salads. They were ALL yummy. Buffet had plenty of veg and that's a plus for a restaurant that has fish in the name. For seafood, there was shrimp salad, fish starter and Goan prawns curry. All of the starters were yummy and I couldn't help but take a second serving of veg and non veg again. Biriyani could have been much better and I did give them the feedback.

Desserts were minimal - tiramisu, bebinca, rice kheer, jamoon, rasgolla and icecream. It was a good experience in all. Before leaving they gave us a seashell each and I thought that was pretty sweet. Oh did I forget to mention they have a lounge upstairs which I'm going to try soon. And in my next visit, their seaflood platter is on my list.

Paneer and Tandoori Aloo. They were so delicious and that's a plus for a place that boasts of seafood. 

Chicken Biriyani with Goan prawn curry, salad and pepper. Chicken was tender but the biriyani masala lacked the flavour, I did give them the feedback. Goan prawn curry had a distinct flavour and this is the first time I lay my hands on something Goan other than good old bebinca.

Desserts were very limited. I skipped rasgolla and gulab jamoon. Tiramisu, the famed Goan sweet Bebinca and Rice kheer. They nailed it!

Rice kheer was not too sweet, just about right. I took a second serving and while I'm typing this, I'm craving for more.

Hello Sous Chefs. How fancy is thy job!

The servers were very proactive. After a point I wished they left me alone to romance with the food. Or perhaps I had switched over to my anti social mode. But when they gave this cute seashell just before we left, we thought that was a pretty sweet gesture. :) 

Priced at 349+tax per person
Location : Lavelle road. Opposite to Harley Davidson showroom
Mood of the place : Beachside

3. Mamagoto, Indiranagar

So when my friend called up and said let's meet at Mamagoto, I kept chanting the name a few times because it sounded funky and nice. What I did not know was that it means Asian fun eating. No no no, not a fan of Asian food but the decor looked so interesting that I instantly put on my adventurous foodie mask and gave a nod of approval.

This new place on Indiranagar was crowded when I went for lunch and dinner and they had very comfy couches yay! I remind myself to walk around and take pics but sometimes I get too carried away by my hungerpangs and decide to give in to the comfort of the cosy couch. It was one of those days. Sorry! (how irresponsible of a food blogger!).

The servers were very prompt and they helped us through the menu. In both my visits, I did not like the veg curries. Not at all. They looked delicious but the flavour was amiss. It's a little on the pricier side, but the interesting chic decor and service makes up for it. Would I visit again? mmm when I have to act easygoing to the Oriental food fanatics in friend circle, I'm game. On my own? No.

Cranberry Kaffir Lime Punch - my drink for the day. Pink and nice :) 

Crispy Chilli Potatoes - a starter that cannot go wrong. Potatoes with bell pepper and scallions, The potatopian in me loved it.

Sticky Rice, the celebrity in Mamagoto these days and one spoon of this will tell you why. Comes in veg, egg and chicken. Needless to say which is the best (I tried all by the way!)

Sliced chicken in black bean sauce. Without mushrooms. There comes the fussy eater. Do I like it? The flavour is a tad too strong for my liking but it was good. 

Chicken sticky rice, Chicken in Black bean sauce and the mixed veg curry that was just average. 

My Peach Iced tea and her Passionfruit Orange cooler.

Cost for two : 2000 for two people
Location : 12th Main, Indira nagar. A little ahead of Golds gym.
Mood of the place : chic

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