Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Big Brewsky Experience

Brother in town. Beer lover. Conversations. Long hours. Outdoorsy. Connect the dots and you get the Big Brewsky.

It was one of those dress down days where you sneak into your harems and wrinkled clothes and head to chill in a place for long hours. Those days when everything is 'chalta hai cuz we are chillers' and no one is bound to give you looks for wearing yellow shoes with the clothes that don't go with it. Ok, we were more CHILLARS than CHILLERS, but never mind, we were already on the way to brewsky on Sarjapur road. Long commute. And hence high expectations.

We reach the place and what welcomes us is a building that looked like the guy ran out of money while constructing and decided to leave it as it is, or maybe the architect ran off and he didn't know what to do. Red bricks and cements smirking at us. We look at each other like we have come from another continent altogether and this is what we get? But hey, some wise soul (Suchi) told us back in teenage not to judge the book by it's cover, so off we march inside and oh boy, what do we see? In a word - SPECTACULAR!

Love at first sight. You see those wooden tables by the pond? They keep cushions there by evening  to sit. Clicked by Manu when I was staring mouth wide open 

Bar counter on the other side. (c) Manu

Rustic, outdoorsy and lazy. Just what we came looking for. A pond - pentagon or hexagon I don't remember- with plenty of orange fish in there swimming in full glory. I look at the others not so innocently "do we get to fry and eat those?"(Seafood deprivation!) and someone politely whispers "SHUT UP".  Decks and tables around the pond and a drinks counter also. As we walk further inside we see the indoor seating as well. Very captivating. We reached by around five in the evening and could very well imagine the place well lit at night with tandoor running. Mogambo khush.

Sat down by the pool of the fish, err the pond (no bad intentions I swear) and the the guys were pretty prompt with the menu. Pretty elaborate and covering bit of everything. Ordered drinks and then the guy announced no tandoors until 7pm, never mind, we weren't gonna leave without seeing this beauty at night. I told him we are coming from a far away land so the food betterrrr beeee goooood.. He smiles showing all his teeth and nods approvingly. We ordered our starters and I like how they were well timed. When one plate was about to finish, another one arrived - just what the gluttons would desire.

What's this pic doing here? Just like that.

Oriental style stir fried steer mushroom - Plain awesomeness. Crunchy outside and soft inside.
I'm falling in love with mushrooms these days, dear dad! Here's the thing - way back in childhood the rain lover dad showed the rain lover me a mushroom that grew out on the garden and said "that's mushroom" and I see a frog resting under the umbrella and since then mushroom to me is frog's house. God knows what a frog must be doing at home. And the mental block is finally wearing off after twenty hears, bravo!

Singapore crispy fried potato in tangy sauce. Die hard potatopian in me sent it straight to tummy with the "you earned it" nod of approval.

Hungry vegan ate like a pig. And I ended up having mostly veg. Food was amazing. I'm a huge fan of finger food and that should explain me frequenting breweries despite being a teetotaller (shut up again. thank you.). And soon we slipped into our endless conversation on everything beneath the sky. Pond side, good food, lovely music (EDM mostly) and what else did the chillers need!

Brewsky's overloaded nachos. With sour cream and guacamole. We asked for extra cream and what came was the cousin milk. Nachos were good.

Cheesy fries, If you look close, you'll know its an epic fail. They got us the plain fries by mistake,
we sent it back and the same plate came with cheese added on top. and hence NOT gooey. Cheese did NOT melt.
No salt. Dislike. 

Before we knew it, Mr. Sun had called it a day and headed for his underwater scooba diving. Brewsky looked an absolute beauty at night with all the brilliant lighting. A fresh off the boat Aussie would scream "what a beaut, mate". Perfect setting for the pleasant Bangalore weather for a bunch of bros, or a girl gang, a romantic dinner with your bae (how I hate youngster lingo) or you can come all alone to sit on the deck and just muse and occasionally look at the fish to act like Alex in Madagascar.

Cheesy chicken sausage toast. Loaded with sausage and mushrooms. I took off the sausages
 and gave it to the Vegan which she happily devoured

Though the place transformed to a beauty be evening, my phone cam didn't. But that's an indirect way of telling you to go and see for yourself (sour grapes)

Night view 

I was beyond happy. Excited and worked up and slid into an argument to defend Justin Bieber when they played 'baby baby baby oooo'. Come on, that guy is not all that bad. How many of us actually loved that song before we knew it was his. Ok, I'm losing a few friends after this.

His beer and steak. The only one to have main course. I tasted and oh mister steak, you are so yum!
Pepper mushroom sauce - slurrrp!

We had a great time. After close to four hours we left, taking with us memories of great time - good food and music by the pool, long conversations and some selfies here n there. Wholesome package. 3k for 3 people :)

Location : Sarjapur road, right behind M.K Retail. Apparently somewhere close to Wipro
Cost for two : 1800 for two
Mood of the place : this ones a chameleon. Outdoorsy, Lazy, Romantic. 

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