Monday, 26 January 2015

Sanjeevanam - A play with Mother Nature

Happy hour tequila shots. We all downed it at once amidst giggles and squeals. My shot glass had some left and my friend gave me yet another 'you disappoint me again' looks. Teetotaler problems. And then Manu tells me about this Kerala Ayurveda shots in a restaurant in Chennai which apparently has a branch in Namma Bengaluru. Need I say more? The very next day I was seated happily in Sanjeevanam, Koramangala for their lunch feast named 'Rajakeeyam'.

Disclaimer : this is a pure vegetarian, Kerala Ayurvedic cuisine restaurant. 
Disclaimer again for the ignorant : no, this is not a "benana chips" place.

Classical music in the backdrop and Kancheevaram saree clad crazy cute grandmoms and toothless grandpas were what was in store for me as I entered. Very pleasant and homely feel to the place. Nothing fancy about the  ambiance. There's a big (mango?) tree in the middle and tables around it. More like a mini party in Kerala or Tamil Nadu household. I was seated opposite to this two rectangular windows that gave a good peek into the plush greenery outside - transported back to one of those houses in remote Kerala.

Shotglasses - yay! yippie!
From L to R, Dates juice, Cashew nut juice, Pumpkin beetroot soup,

Haritha buttermilk, Kanji vellam. To be consumed in the same order.
I totally wanted a repeat of this but that's not how it works in places like these.
Talk about "moderate quantities", hence I shut up like 'a cleverly disguised
responsible adult'.

Mister Tree standing mighty -plus one for this.
No, we shouldn't cut trees. That's what Sunderlal Bahuguna taught us.
If you don't know who that is, google Chipko Movement.
Amused me as a kid. 

Rajakeeyam is a Sattvik food buffet that has various health benefits. This is an absolute delight for vegetarians and a mighty good detox meal for the carnivorous souls like me. Now I don't mean to exaggerate much but my tummy almost had a shock of a lifetime when this stuff was sent inside and checked with heart if everything's ok. Heart had to knock on brain twice to be sure if we have an emergency. You see that's the kind of pandemonium that happens inside the body of a glutton, with organs that are so used to rich food. Well, we are talking about food that does not use artificial flavours or additives, is not deep fried and what's more it's sugar free. They steam the food and stir fry and use honey and jaggery instead of sugar. So don't blame your system for overreacting!

You are welcomed with a nenthrakkaaya (banana) garnished with streaks of grated coconut which helps control acidity. The servers tell you the names as they serve. Soon after this came an array of colorful shot glasses that got us both all excited. Such underrated pleasures of teetotaler life I tell you! Post this, two course starters - uncooked vegetables and semi cooked vegetables. This is followed by the main course and desserts. At the end of the meal you are served paan stuffed with minced vegetables and a spoon of honey. And you feel like you have done yourself a huge favour with this detox meal. No, we aren't singing and dancing in the forest while praising Mother Nature but more or less feels the same. Now, please don't head there on one of your meat craving days.

This was a welcome change to my mind and body alike and would totally recommend all gluttons to try this out. Quite an offbeat experience. And if you have that one vegetarian friend who adjusts too much by eating salads, French fries in your meat dominated eat outs, do them this one favour. And for the mention, this is run by the Medimix family and also have a counter where you can buy their products.

First course : Uncooked vegetables - Red aval puttu, Salad, Pith Raitha and pickle.
Red aval puttu was the star of the show.

Second Course : Olan, Pachadi, Kichadi and Banana flower.
I was a little late for the banana flower and had to manage
with cabbage.

Main course had red rice and roti with sambhar, daal, avial and sabjis.
I assumed the avial must be bland but they surprised me.
Though not like the oil doused Sadya avial, this one had a distinct taste that was quite appealing.

And we end it with payasam and buttermilk.
But hey wait, the good old habit of repeating what we liked the most.
Because there should never be an "I could have eaten that" moment.
Hence, red aval puttu repeat.
Payasam was yummy. Jaggery, I love you!

Ok, so it wasn't really the end. Paan stuffed with minced veggies and a spoon of honey.

More in store. Ela ada does sound promising. But hey I'm a carnivore born to scavenging forefathers.
Get the point?

Cost for two : 800 for two people 

Location : Koramangala 2nd block, Opposite Kendriya Sadan 
Mood of the place : Pleasant

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